Effective Mosquito Control in San Antonio, Texas

Are your family and pets protected from mosquitos?

Everybody knows about the little mosquito menace. You don’t see this pest stalking you because of its size; you don’t feel them bite you because of the sedative in their saliva. But afterward, you itch like mad, and you’re at risk of blood-born disease.

Mosquitoes are one of the bigger health risks among the pest population, more so because they can breed so quickly and go undetected until the infestation is severe.

The best way to control mosquitoes is to prevent or minimize mosquito-breeding sites. Our technician can inspect areas in your yard where mosquitoes could be breeding and provide tips on avoiding future problems.

Here at Pied Piper, we have the latest methods to find where mosquitoes like to rest and treat those areas to kill off the adult mosquitoes from around your home. The treatments can last for weeks, and we can find places that might have eggs or larvae and eliminate them, too.

Don’t let mosquitos take control of your yard. Call (210) 702-2060 to schedule a free inspection.


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