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Rat and Mice Control San Antonio

Seeing a tiny black creature creeping along the floors can send chills down the spine of anyone.

Rats and mice are a small class of mammals with stout legs that keep them low to the ground, long tails roughly the length of their bodies and long incisor teeth.

Mice and rats are most attracted to congested areas where there are a lot of closely situated restaurants, buildings or residences, but they are also attracted to the countryside and can be seen in gardens or around homes.

Mice can slip through holes as small as a dime, and rats can fit through holes as small as a quarter. It’s not difficult for a rodent to come in through small cracks and holes in the foundation of your building or home and set up a nest on the walls or in furniture.

Rodent prevention at home means practicing proper sanitation inside your home, garage or office. Once mice enter human living spaces, removal and control become necessary.

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