Snake Removal in San Antonio, TX

A typical reaction to a snake regardless whether it be in your home or on your commercial property is to kill it whether or not it poses a risk or not.

However, the fact is that most snakes are harmless and even the dangerous ones would rather flee than fight.

You should never attempt to kill a snake as this could lead to a deadly snakebite.

If you believe you are dealing with a venomous snake problem in your home or commercial property, we can help to evaluate the situation.

Our snake removal specialists will make every attempt to identify the snake and any possible entry points. We will provide a detailed quote for exclusion and or removal. From the time of your sighting, to we get to inspect the snake(s) may have moved and are no longer visible for the specialist. * snake service inspection fee will still apply.

Even though certain species of snakes are not poisonous, all snakes have the capacity to harm both humans and domestic animals. They strike when cornered, which makes attempts to trap them dangerous.

Our wildlife specialists can safely and humanely remove snakes from properties. Our professionals will get rid of your snake problems.

Service Inspection Fee may apply

Don’t try to remove snakes on your own let our expert snake removal specialist handle it. Call us at (210) 702-2060 or fill out our contact form to schedule an inspection.


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