Raccoon Removal in San Antonio, Texas

The raccoon is probably the most common intruder into residential yards. This masked marauder is best known for its relentless efforts to get into garbage cans. Besides human waste, raccoons feed on many different foods including garden crops, fruit, berries, birdseed, pet food, insects, acorns, and nuts.

Raccoon removal is crucial for maintaining your home and your sanity! They can cause significant damage trying to get into buildings leaving black smudges on walls or downspouts, bent gutters, holes in siding, boards were torn off and damaged soffits and louvers.

As animal control experts, we focus on the easy removal of nuisance wildlife. Modern specializes in animal control, wildlife removal, clean up and repair as well as complete prevention services for your home or business.

Our professional staff has 75 years of experience in wildlife removal. You should never attempt to do it yourself, trying to remove animals on your own could cause costly damage to your home and result in injury.

If you have a raccoon that needs to be removed contact us, we can safely remove it from your home or commercial property. Call us today at (210) 702-2060 of fill out our contact form to schedule service.


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